Bearmax MVX6950T Multi-Player

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My family used to go on these time-share seminar things so we could get free "portable TVs" or free "portable movie viewers" which were these huge boxes with a cheapo black and white CRT or screen that could get like UHF or play back Super 8 film. We'd have to sit through 8 hours of boring presentations and my parents would tell us to start acting up so we could leave. Ahh, shilling for primitive electronics.

Anyway, this seems like the next generation of those selfsame portable devices. This one plays CDs, DVDs, and VCDs and has a TV and radio tuner built-in. Nice LCD screen, as well. No word on availablity, but expect it in bargain stores very soon. They can't keep this kind of thing under wraps for very long.

Minicompo with TV, DV [TechJapan]