Time to decorate! I'll take this potpourri urn, these palm frond bookends, a nice neutral-colored bathmat, and OH GOD WHY IS THIS TISSUE BOX EMITTING DANGEROUS RADIATION—

Bed Bath & Beyond, purveyors of inoffensive household items and radioactive isotopes, has been busted by the feds after "contaminated tissue holders may [were] sent to more than 20 states," the Washington Post reports. The "Dual Ridge Metal" tissue holder sported a "brushed metal" look and traces of "cobalt-60," which is typically used for things like sterilizing medical equipment and killing cancer cells, not holding tissues. The Post reports each box would give you a few chest x-rays' worth of radiation each year if kept in a typical bathroom setting. That's no good!


Luckily, the boxes have been yanked, and BB&B will give you a full refund if you'd like to return the radioactive tissue holder they sold you. The customer is always right. [WaPo via Consumerist]

Original Image: vichie81/Shutterstock