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The Belkin n52te SpeedPad is a sexy update of the cult classic Nostromo SpeedPad N52. Meant to replace the keyboard (and even mouse) for hardcore PC gamers, the controller offers 15 programmable keys, an 8-way thumb pad and full ergonomic support for extended play (a.k.a...a regular day in our life). But most of this was already standard, and the n52te boasts some nice improvements over its predecessor.

The new back lighting offering glowy blue keys that will turn your face to alien colors during late night frag sessions, and the addition of onboard memory that can store your settings and custom profiles, making the highly tweakable peripheral truly plug and play for tournaments and...uhh...showing off your skillz at Best Buy?


It's a bit too much of a commitment for our current setup, but glowing peripherals still haven't gotten old in our book. $70 this November. If you don't need the new settings, you can still pick up the cheaper original n52 for only like $30. Any readers use one? [belkin]

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