Belkin's three new USB hub designs actually do something useful on top of hubbin'. From left to right, there's the Swivel Hub and the Clip-On Hub, both with a planned price tag of $30, and then the Hub-To-Go at $50.

The Swivel Hub has 4-ports and, well, swivels, allowing you to position as you please. Looks handy in a tight space. The 2-port Clip-On will attach to any desk, bar, or surface you can get it around, as long as it's thinner than 1.25 inches. Last up, the Hub-To-Go offers you seven additional ports, three of which you can take with you. Out in August, they aren't up on the Belkin site yet, so keep an eye out—or the shelves, these sweet units should really stick out. [Belkin via PC World]