Benedict Cumberbatch Presents the Apple Toilet on SNL

Illustration for article titled Benedict Cumberbatch Presents the Apple Toilet on SNL

Apple haters rejoice! SNL and Dr. Strange himself took Apple’s history of over-the-top marketing of (occasionally underwhelming) iterative design to task and yeah, it was actually funny.


Calling back to the famous 1984 ad that announced Apple was here to smash the competition with true innovation, the sketch quickly fast-forwards to the present state of things. That is to say, making new versions of old things. Specifically, a toilet. In case the extremely blunt parody wasn’t on the nose enough, the toilet comes in Jet Black.

Other notable news from last night’s SNL (the final one before the election) was that Kate McKinnon and Alec Baldwin faced off for maybe the last time. The pair broke Clinton/Trump character in the midst of the debate to encourage people to vote and acknowledge how horrible it’s been to even parody this embarrassing election.



Kohler takes issue with your headline calling it an “Apple Toilet”.