Best Buy's Xbox 360 Tricks

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The Xbox 360 may seem like a revolutionary console good for all ages (primarily teenagers and adults), but the way Best Buy is making us work to get one makes me feel like I'm in elementary school eating paste again. Here's the lowdown for the next push of consoles slated for tomorrow, December 22: The plan is for the employees to remove anything Xbox 360-related from the store front and that when the greeter asks "What brings you in today" the mention of the Xbox 360 allows for you to be escorted to the "controlled sales area" in which you will maybe get a 360 if you are able to complete three puzzles in an alotted time period while balancing big screens on your head. I bet Nancy Drew couldn t even figure out how to buy an Xbox 360 from Best Buy.

Best Buy again plays the Xbox game [Mobility Today]


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