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Best Tech Items to Spend Your Spring Savings On

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Spring is here. The grass is green, kids are doing kid-type stuff, the birds are making bird noises, the bunnies are hipping, or hopping, or whatever bunnies do these days, and you most likely have better things to do than worry about spending more than you have to on your cell service, right?


In celebration of T-Mobile's recently announced $79.99 Truly Unlimited plan, which offers unlimited data, talk & text on America's Largest 4G NetworkTM, and saves you over $350 a year, we thought we'd bring you a little primer on what you could be doing if you had some spare spring cash.

If You're Saving $350:

Drown out the incessant chirping of crickets with a brand-new sound system. For $350 bucks you can get a pair of Audioengine 5 Premium Speakers—perfect for long warm evenings and summer Sunday barbecues.


If You're Saving $100:

Warm weather means adventures. Adventure inevitably means getting hopelessly lost. Take that Benjamin you just saved and outfit yourself with a GPS. It's a lot more effective than a trail of breadcrumbs leading out of that deep, dark wood.

If You're Saving $50:

Another benefit of springtime is that you can work outside. Fifty bucks will get you a brand new laptop case that will enable you to carry your computer into said outdoors. Yeah, it's kind of scary out there, but the sunlight will do you some good.


If You're Saving $25:

With all that adventuring and outdoorsyness, you're probably going to want to document your exploits. This tiny memory card reader is only $20 and is the perfect way to upload all your pictures to your computer. Plus it comes in a very seasonal chartreuse, so it will coordinate nicely with the green, green grass.


If Your Piggy Bank is Full…

Then you must already have T-Mobile. Its new $79.99 Even More plan offers access to the nations largest 4G network, an all inclusive data plan, and a huge selection of smartphones. If you're not already saving, springtime is the time to start. Head here to join T-Mobile.


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