Bioluminescent Octopus Bacteria Makes This Beautiful Lamp Glow

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To see the glow from a species of bioluminescent octopus used to require a trip to the deep sea and a fair amount of patience. Not anymore. Ambio, a mobile lamp from Amsterdam-based designer Teresa von Dongen brings the sublime light away from the ocean by creating a "artificial saltwater medium."

Ambio showcases the bioluminescence from the bacteria that cause a certain type of octopus to light up in the dark. It needs a push to stay lit, so the mobile design makes sense to help the structure keep swaying.


It'd be a pretty cool installation choice in a kid's room, though von Dongen isn't selling these. The project is meant to show people how much we can do with natural materials... though I imagine if they sold these commercially we'd have to find a way to reproduce the bacteria that didn't involve deep-sea fishing for octopi, which would go against the eco-friendly ethos behind the design. [Ambio]

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I just saw the world Ambio. I immediately thought of this (spelling aside):