Blu-Ray is Good, HD-DVD Kills Puppies Sez Sony

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The Blu-Ray Disk Association, run, essentially, by Sony, commissioned a report that said that people like Blu-Ray disks better than HD-DVD disks. The Inquirer writes:

The association, which we'd say has a stake in this particular piece of real estate, said a poll conducted by firm Penn Schoen and Berland showed 58 per cent of 1,200 consumers preferred Blu-Ray Disc, 26 per cent didn't know which they preferred, while 15 per cent preferred Toshiba-driven HD DVD.

What the article fails to mention is that the BDA smeared the HD-DVD disks with dog feces and hid dollar bills and Pokeman cards under the Blu-Ray disks.

Blu-ray better than HD-DVD. Claim [TheInquirer]