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Bluetooth Star Trek Communicator

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Wow, I sort of want this really badly, but I know it's going to bid up beyond what I can afford in the next 3 days. This Star Trek Communicator uses Bluetooth to connect to your cell phone as a hands free device, meaning you can keep your actual phone in your inside pocket (or secret stash fold if you're wearing the proper uniform) and use the Communicator like it was the real deal. I bet you could even set up voice dialing to recognize 'Ohura, patch me into Command' and call your social worker or something.

The metal and plastic unit is listed as a Pokia, but it's not from Pokia proper. The worst thing is that it's listed as a one-of-a-kind prototype—it might be now or never. (Thanks, Will!)


Star Trek Classic Communicator Bluetooth Headset Pokia [eBay]

Update:DIY details after the jump.

Reader Steven MacDonald writes:

It looks like the Bluetooth communicator shown on the Gizmodo site is simply a mod of a garage door remote unit. I wouldn
t take much skill to strip out the guts of a normal Bluetooth set and install it into one of these units.

I admit it does look pretty cool and I
ll probably end up building one myself, but I thought I save you bidding crazy money on Ebay by letting you know you could do it yourself for about £50.