Bodybouncer Love Seat

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Now you're wondering "Who put that hole in that nice little hassock! If that came in Burberry tweed we could put that in the living room!" But this is no ordinary footstool, friends, this is the Bodybouncer, offering the most intense grooves in the galaxy. See, you put your wanger through that hole and some lady bounces up on top of it. There are other ways to use it, as well, but that's basically the GAAP of this sex stool.

Visit the site to see the Milk Maid! The Prong! The Flying Walrus! The Turtle Head! The Punky Brewster's Dad! However, in the interest of SFW-ness, we will limit the rest of the post to descriptions of my dog sleeping. She kind of wiggles her paws a lot and sniffs. We think she's dreaming about rabbits. She got a little sun-burned so her tummy is pink. [Thanks, Tom]

Product Page [Bodybouncer via TheCoolHunter]