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Boynq Swing USB Hub Inspired By Newton's Cradle

Illustration for article titled Boynq Swing USB Hub Inspired By Newtons Cradle

You don't know what happens on your desk when you are out of the office. What if your 4-port USB hub is carrying on a torrid affair with your Newton's cradle? Well, the cat will be out of the bag if you show up to work one day and find a Boynq Swing USB hub sitting on your desk. Outside of the unique design, the Swing hub also features a DC power jack and surge protection for around $24. [ (currently sold out) via Gadget Life via TRFJ via Dvice]


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I just have to say, that is one of the shmanciest lookin' things I have ever seen! If I was going for the high-class look I would definitely get it... other than that I would have no use for it, but it is pretty!