Of course your smartphone (or tablet) can handle Karaoke, but you don't want to have to hold a screen while you're rocking out and driving the neighbors insane; you want a microphone, to add to the ridiculous fantasy that you're worth listening to. Enter the AppToyz AppSing, complete with scorpion-like phone holder.

While you're busy crooning into the microphone, eyes locked to your smartphone's screen, the system's base is pumping out the tunes, adding it's own little part to the cacophony. Rather use a tablet? Lucky you, there's a built in slot right on the base. The necessary app is available for both Android and iOS, so whatever your fancy, your all set.


If you really feel compelled to do karaoke in a non-karaoke area, this setup seems plenty portable, and relatively compact. It's available for about $65 at RED5. Just please be careful when you perform karaoke at home or in public. You wouldn't want anyone to get hurt, like yourself, for instance. [RED5 via Geek Alerts]