Did you know your teens are swapping naked pictures of themselves with their dates? We've got a few questions about how widespread this is—mainstream news sites love to take a few cases of anything and pretend it's an epidemic—but it is an interesting enough topic for us to look into. You know, teen nakedness.

According to Fox News, police detectives have "seen everything from your basic striptease to sexual acts being performed." Our new favorite job ever? Being the evidence inspector on teen naked picture swapping cases.

"A lot more girls are aggressive," said Ray, 18. "Some girls are crazy and they are putting themselves out there."


And then...

Male teens are also doing it.

For instance, a central Ohio high school teen made a sexual cell phone video of himself and sent it to female classmates. One of the girls forward the Westerville South High School's video to at least 30 other people.


Here's a question for you.

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