Can Crowdfunding Save This Town from White Supremacy?

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White supremacist poster boy Craig Cobb, founder of a whites-only religion called Creativity Movement, is trying to create a neighborhood for white supremacists in the tiny town of Antler, North Dakota. To stop him, the city had to spend so much money it went bankrupt.


Earlier this year, Cobb tried to take over Antler and rename it Trump Creativity (to honor his favorite politician, and his favorite religion). He started by purchasing an abandoned bank, which he planned to turn into a Creativity Movement church. Then he set his sights on 21 vacant lots in the town, which might provide enough space for his white supremacist neighborhood to become one of the biggest communities in town.

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Craig Cobb, photo by Kevin Cederstrom

But the City of Antler wasn’t happy with Cobb’s plans. Antler Mayor Bruce Hanson told KXNews the only way they could fight back was to buy the land before Cobb did:

Nobody really wanted him in town so the city pursued the vacant lots that he was interested in and we bought them. We spent just about all of our operating money doing so. We’re a small town. We have a $20,000 annual budget.

They wound up spending $35,000 to buy the 21 lots. Now they won’t suffer an Aryan incursion, but they are also broke. That’s why Mayor Hanson has created a GoFundMe campaign, called simply the Antler, ND, Preservation Fund, to raise $50,000 and prevent the city from going under. On the GoFundMe page, there is no mention of Cobb’s plans for an Aryan enclave. Instead, it reads simply:

Help Antler preserve its way of life.

Funds will be used to pay for legal expenses & property, tear down neglected buildings and make general improvements to the city.


Cobb isn’t the only white supremacist with designs on the town of Antler, however. The group Pioneer Little Europe, which has tried to create white separatist communities in Wyoming and Montana, has a Facebook page devoted to Antler. In response to the GoFundMe campaign, they write:

Good going you moron. Spend over your own towns budget because you’re an SJW cuck, then beg for money online. You’re a fucking disgrace of a mayor.


Cobb, who currently lives a few miles outside of Antler, previously tried to set up a white supremacist city in Leith, North Dakota. He is on probation for threatening several Leith residents with a gun.

[via GoFundMe]

Photo of Antler via City Data

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Listen, racism might be incredibly dumb but the guy has a right to be dumb. I will never support or condone his beliefs but he has a right to them and the right to lawfully pursue his hopes and dreams (as twisted as they may be). If the guy wants to create a community for like minded people so be it. At least they will be in one place away from the rest of us.