Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II Stats

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Information about Canon's new DSLR is creeping out and it looks like a doozy, with a 16 to 17-megapixel sensor and a built-in SD and CF card slots, among other things. So yeah, that's huge - like 4992 x 3328 pixels in RAW mode huge. This site has a scan of the EOS-1DSMK2's first brochure with most of the critical information, albeit in a giant un-robot-translatable Japanese JPEG.


I'll post a translated excerpt after the jump. (Thanks, Cristopher!)

Read - Stats Page (Japanese) [EOS-D-SLR]

EOS-1DSMK2 (official short-noting)
Media CF and SD (like 1D#2)

ISO: 100-1600 (ext 50-3200) like 1D#2
L and RAW:4992x3328
M1: 3600x2400
M2: 3072x2048
S: 2496x1664

17,2 Mpixel where
16,7 Mpixel effective

4 images/sec, buffer 32(JPEG) and 11(RAW)
(buffersize is 1,5x as large as the 1D#2, 32x5.5mb against 40x2.8mb)

45 AF-points (like 1D#2)

1/8000-30 sec
and x-syn: 1/250
Shootings on one batterycharge: 1200 (20 graden)/ 800 (0 graden)
like 1D#2, where it's real number of shootings mostly exceeds 2000x


TFT Screen 230.000 pix at 2 inch (like 1D#2)

20 Personal preferences with 65 instances
27 Personal functions

Weight 1215g + 335g battery (NP-E3)