Car-Like Monitor Rear View Mirror

Sure, we've seen a few rearview mirrors for your computer monitor before, but these add a new dimension of style and simulated automobile-ness that caught our attention. Now you can be forewarned when that dork you haven't seen in a couple of weeks sneaks up behind you to cover your eyes and say "guess who?"


The Designer Monitor Rear View Mirror attaches with double-sided tape or suction cups, and just like a car's rear view mirror, you can rotate and swivel it to frame up that perfect shot to the rear. We do, however, question the designation of "designer" on this product, since in all of its description materials, no designer's name is mentioned. Oscar de LowRenta, perhaps? We would prefer Ferrari. Available in blue, green, orange, or silver, it's $7.99.

Designer Monitor Rear View Mirror [perpetual kid, via the über review]

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