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We usually stay in a dump of a hotel, the Imperial Palace, for $200. This year, we're at the Wynn for $129. In short, if you didn't rebook your CES hotel, you were overpaying.

Everyone feels bad for the people who didn't bother to recheck rates after the economy crashed, and are paying $400 for rooms at the Hilton.


That's one of the side stories at CES that the press and attendees won't stop chattering about, and a silver lining to the economic challenges of the day. CES looks healthy in attendance, but the city's tourism must be hurting to have rates like these. There are rumors of rooms going for less than $10 on the outskirts of the city. I'm just glad we have hotel rooms that aren't damp, don't smell like feet, and aren't positioned within ear shot of nightclubs.

The show is never easy for anyone, but with a good night's rest it is a little less painful.


But when the economy recovers and I'm back at the Imperial Palace, I'll probably be worse off for having slept in luxury one year and then having had it taken away.

For now, I'm just going to enjoy it.