Catching Up: Dear CES Diary, Day One

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Hey, we're back at CES. Yesterday was day zero, full of press conferences, but today is the day we all hit the floor. I actually never made it there.


Palm dropped their new smartphone and their new operating system on us, and it is maybe the most interesting phone I have seen this decade. Maybe even more interesting, in many ways. The shit part is that the presentation was so good, the demo so fact dense and full of wonderful revolutionary things, that it was basically me shooting camcorder in the left hand for 30 minutes and shooting dslr with a 200mm zoom on the right hand, and typing with one hand and adjusting my zoom only when I could put the camera down. It was annoying, and I ended up getting pissed at pretty much everyone and everything. Wasn't pretty. What was nice is that Sprint ended up mentioning Gizmodo's 3G Broadband test results on stage, by name, citing their data network as the fastest in the country. A very nice surprise.

Today, Chris Mascari shot the video interview Wilson had with Robbie Bach, the exec at Microsoft who has a division of the best products (most of them) in the company, including Zune, Xbox and Windows Media Center. The guy has a magic touch, and I'm looking forward to more posts from the interview.

While the Blu ray devices at the show are pretty interesting, integrated into TVs and Speaker systems and receivers, the Blu-ray conference was pretty boring, said Mark. The same for Adam. But there wasn't really any sense of urgency on the floor — But I wouldn't know because I was across town working on Palm stories with Adrian all day.

I kind of wish we ditched some of the meetings and just roamed free and wild. The best things about CES are generally not scheduled, or rehearsed, but discovered in the corners of the show. I certainly wish I made it, for all the general angst I have for the giant sized cup of pain juice that is CES.

Some of you are also wondering how we got back here in the first place after being banned. Well, I apologied to CEA for turning off all their TVs. I meant it, and they knew it, and they let us back in. I cannot lie, there's something extremely satisfying about being unofficial, a foil to the official-ness title that Engadget has this year. To me, it means that we are totally untouchable in terms of a reputation for independence from the industry. But hey, it was also a screwy thing to do.

Everyone on staff looks tired. But tomorrow is another day. I'm going to go eat some show stoppers shrimp cocktail, which is the official shrimp cocktail of CES, and very delicious. Then I'm going to our meetup at Casino Royale, which you are all invited to.


Talk to you later.


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