Catching Up: Our Readers Are the Best

Hey Jason, I have this ongoing irrational feeling that no one reads us. Which is why when I meet a geek who tells me they spend all day at work wasting time on Gizmodo, it makes me super happy. I had that happen last night at Lucky 13 hanging out with Xeni and the guy from Telstar Logistics.But people have been reading us! I was looking over some old traffic reports from Gizmodo a year ago and realized that a core group of readers have really stayed true to us over the last year, while quite a few more have joined us. I know we don't talk about it often, but I get that warm tingly feeling in my belly when I think about it. Last month was our biggest ever. We had 86 million pages, and on one day alone, we had 13 million pageviews from 2 million viewers on the day Apple launched their new Macbooks. I don't think we run the biggest liveblog of the Apple events, but I am pretty happy with how many people are watching the efforts these days. Especially if you consider 2 years ago, we didn't do them regularly. And the first time I did a liveblog, I forgot a camera cable. Also, I think we've jumped up in Technorati to #2, behind Huffington Post. I suppose all the features everyone is working on after doing their news posts are paying off. I don't really have a point here. Maybe what I'm trying to say is that I'm just thankful, since Thanksgiving is practically on top of us in internet-future-news time, that the Gizmodo family of people-who-waste-time-at-work is so healthy. OK, I am getting emotional, so I will stop now to tell you which stories were my FAVORITES of the day. • MacBook Air With Nvidia-Powered H.264 Video Playback Runs Less ToastyNew Net Radio Royalty Compromise Sorta Finished, Sorta SucksDesign Your Own Heads-Up Display of the FutureConfirmed: 3G Tethering Coming to iPhoneInside Consumer Reports' Electronics Testing LabDatamore Porté Adds Lambo Doors to Your Hard DriveIt's Official: The Canon 5D Mk II Will Turn Us All Into Professional Cinematographers

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Shamoononon drives like a farmer

Nice post!!

"that the Gizmodo family of people-who-waste-time-at-work is so healthy"

Now, let's only hope the other 3,000 people I work with don't figure out who I am... Whom I kidding, my crap ass grammar and typos are hard to miss.