Catching Up: Thank You

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Hey, just a quick note to say thanks to everyone who tuned into our liveblog.

Jason and the team at HQ were all super quick and coordinated and the photos were nice (thanks to the Nikon D700 we rented). And as always, Wordpress was lightning fast on refreshes and stable as a rock encased in cement. It may have our fastest, most slick liveblog ever. A far cry from two years ago when I started, and forgot my camera cable at WWDC, and had to use photos from another site. Or when we used to crash all the time. We finished up with a score of 13m pageviews. Not a record, but pretty damn good considering it was a mere software update we were talking about.


As always, feedback is welcome.

P.S. The pants are patagonia.



Oh, Patagonia you say? That changes everything!