Catching Up: Weeeee!

Hey Chen Chen, It's been a few days since I've written, but first off, let me say how HAPPY I am right now. The Giz Gallery was more fun and better received than I'd expected. And Funde Razor SF, done with Wired and Boing Boing Gadgets and Kotaku last night was amazing, too.

I'm a bit road weary and drinking-weary but tomorrow I'm going off to this conference called EG, or Entertainment Gathering. It's about a 2 hour drive south to Monterey, but I think it'll be worth it. I generally avoid these things at all cost, but everyone I've talked to says the combo of tech and entertainment types makes for an unforgettable mix.

Snow will fall in Tahoe this next week! While NYC was butt cold, somehow, when there's material to snowboard on, it's not so bad. I'm going to be reviewing some snowboarding gear (with tech in it) this winter, in anticipation of the Gizmodo Snow Fun Meetup. Or whatever the hell we're calling it this year. Oh yea, it'll be April 4th. I hope you can make it this year. (Someone has to work the bunny slopes with Adrian.)

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San Francisco? Monterey? Tahoe? Yeah. I hate you this A.M., Brian.