CES Preview from PC World

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PC World pimps its most-likely-to-succeed gadget list for a Consumer Electronics Show preview:

· The Jabra headset is the first* LCD bluetooth ear-thingey talker; not outrageously priced at $119 either.
· Lexar's JumpDrive Lightning (in 1 gig and 2 gig capacities) is extremely, extremely shiny, and we like it just because of that. Besides, you could blind assailants with it if used properly.
· Axion is pushing the DVD-integrated LCD TV's. (We're pushing a nice flat-screen coupled with the current crop of hybrid Tivo/DVDs, so we aren't totally feeling it—unless the price is right.)


*Update: Okay, the second, after the Sony HBH-200. Bad Jabra! (Bad me.)

Cool Products Seen Tuesday at CES [PC World]

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