Check Out These Amazing, Chilling Stereoscopic Images of World War I

A Toronto photography studio has stumbled across a stereoscopic camera, and its photographic slides, that captured scenes of World War I in 3D. The resulting images are chilling—but incredibly striking, too.

The images, acquired using a handheld stereoscopic camera called the Verascope, were captured by French soldiers. They show scenes from the trenches, streets, and battlefields of World War I and, while the pictures are striking in 2D, the 3D GIFs add an unnerving , chilling feel to the scenes.


Visitors to A Nerd's World in Toronto can use a special 3D viewer to see the slides for themselves—but some, such as the ones shown here, have also been rendered as GIFs. Check 'em out. [A Nerds World via Hyperallergic via Verge]

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