In many homes, and nearly all apartments, floorspace comes at a premium. That's what makes bunkbeds such a space saver. The Dumbo Double Murphy Bed takes it a step further by letting you fold them up.

Designed by Roberto Gil and built from baltic birch plywood, these bunk beds from Casa Kids are both compact and sturdy. When folded up, the cabinet is a mere one foot deep, and yet they can still bear the weight of two full-sized man-children who might need the extra space for aerobics, or something.


The Dumbo Double Murphy Bed is available from Casa Kids for $3,200, with dueling custom mattresses for $800 more. You'd be hard pressed to find another way to buy extra room, and it's definitely a better bet than, say, stacking two beds on top of each other and nailing them together. [Casa Kids via Inhabitat]