Computer Virus Finds Its Way Into Orbit Aboard ISS Systems

Illustration for article titled Computer Virus Finds Its Way Into Orbit Aboard ISS Systems

The ISS is full of laptops, used for experiments, email, or just watching movie rips on VCDs in 2001. But this time, someone's laptop has managed to make it all the way up into Earth orbit carrying the Gammima.AG worm-one that leeches login data for Asian MMORPGs. We're doomed! The ISS doesn't have a full-time net connection, but astronauts can send email periodically through the Ku-band main data link. NASA reassures us that any virus found on an astronaut's laptop has little chance of compromising any of the station's main systems. But it did manage to spread to more than one laptop once onboard the station, either via machine-to-machine networks or thumb drives-so it's not a crazy assumption to make. NASA further downplayed the story to the folks at Threat Level, saying this kind of thing happens "all the time." But still, whoever the fuck-up is that wrote this virus is now collecting massive, massive LOLZ in whichever basement he is currently calling home. [BBC, Threat Level via Slashdot]


Man... if NASA used Apple... we'd be way farther then half way between the earth and the moon...