Confirmed: TomTom's GPS Car Kit Will Work with iPod Touch, Third Party Apps

Good news: According to Yann Lafargue, PR guy at TomTom, the incoming TomTom GPS Car Kit will work with the iPod touch, enabling full GPS capabilities in Apple's smart multimedia player:

Oui, je confirme et il fonctionnera avec un iPod Touch ou d'autres logiciels de navigations concurrents. Pour la disponibilité, je ne peux pas répondre.

It will work with the iPod touch and other competing GPS (iPhone OS) software. I can't comment on availability.


In other words, the car kit contains a full GPS, which apparently will not only work with the iPod touch, but also replace the iPhone's GPS with a faster, more accurate unit. [Mac4ever via Macenstein]


I don't know about the phrase "more accurate". The iPhone 3G (not the 3Gs) GPS unit already resolves my location down to within about 5 feet if I'm outdoors or driving the car. I don't know how it could possibly be more accurate than that ... or why anyone would need it to be more accurate.