Contest Reminder: Win a Toshiba X305 Gaming Laptop

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On a budget this holiday season? Well, nothing beats getting free gadgets—especially when the gadget in question is a Toshiba X305. All you need to do is submit your design for the ultimate gaming laptop by following the directions on the contest page. There was some confusion with the date, so the original December 1st deadline for entries has been extended to December 5th.


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Squilliam, I sent mine in like 4 times. I kept messing up and sending the wrong one in since I have like 20 copies of different versions on my desktop. Hopefully they will take everyone's final entry and pick the one they like best.

I was sort of confused how far into the future they were also talking. I just used tech that is possible now or coming out within the year to make mine. Hopefully they will post everyone's designs. I'd think it'd be cool to see what everyone came up with.