Coolio Is Releasing His Next Song on...PornHub?

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More like wanker's paradise: Rapper and hairstyle pioneer Coolio is releasing his new music through Pornhub in a bold new plan to change online music distribution forever.


Update: TMZ really exaggerated this one, and I was fooled. Coolio told Rolling Stone he just recorded a promo song and has no plans or deal to release new music on Pornhub. He didn't completely rule it out, though, saying he would do an exclusive "if they pay me enough money."

The 50-year-old musician signed a deal with the online pornography destination after Pornhub supplied the models for Coolio's upcoming video for his song "Take It To the Hub." TMZ has a behind-the-scenes clip from the making of the video. It appears to include a twerking dinosaurs, and it includes some production guy who sounds a lot like Jonah Hill demanding more breasts and face.

You can watch the whole gross thing here:

Gizmodo has asked Pornhub if it is pursuing any other partnerships with musicians. We'll update if we hear back, or if Redtube and Ke$ha arrange some unholy union. [TMZ via DazedDigital]

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Can never unhear Jonah Hills voice...