Cop Block Comes To OnStar

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SF writer Greg Bear, author of classics like Darwin's Radio and Blood Music, wrote a novel that predicted yesterday's announcement from OnStar that they would be installing systems that allow police to shut your car down. The OnStar system is called "Stolen Vehicle Slowdown," and when activated would slow down and stop a moving car that police believe meets "required criteria." Bear's imaginary system is called Cop Block, and it appears in his recent novel Quantico. In Quantico, police suspicion is aroused by anyone who does not have Cop Block installed in their cars. Sounds pretty close to real life. What Bear doesn't get into is what the blogosphere is buzzing about right now: what happens if somebody spoofs a signal to OnStar and starts shutting cars down on the freeway? It would be sort of like TV-B-Gone, except dangerously deadly. AP Photo by Douglas C. Pizac.

OnStar Will Soon Let Police Stop Your Car [via Technovelgy]