DC are releasing a bizarre 'Scratch and Sniff' Harley Quinn Comic

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Wait, I'm sorry, they're calling it 'Rub and Smell' for legal reasons - but either way, Harley Quinn Annual #1's late October launch will feature a weirdly smelly romp for the demented Harlequin, including a smell that even had to be changed for international issues.

The one off comic, written by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti, sees Harley break Poison Ivy out of Arkham Asylum and go on a scent-enhanced adventure. The first issue comes with four distinct smells - Leather, for the 'Bombshells' Jacket she wears in the issue's Variant cover, Pizza, Suntan Lotion and a 'mysterious compound' that is referred to in the story as '“cannabisylocibe 7-A'.

Yup. DC Comics are releasing a comic book that literally smells of weed.

Although Cannabis is now freely and legally accessible in several US states, it's still frowned upon internationally, so the non-US run of the comic will replace the scent with that of pungent lawn clippings:

IGN: Why is there a different scent in the international edition?

Conner: Let's just say we didn't want to alarm the dogs at customs.

IGN: Oh! [Laughs]

Palmiotti: Yeah, the scent in the United States is a lot easier to produce.

The Harley Quinn Annual #1 features art from John Timms, Paul Mounts, Stjepan Sejic, Joe Quinones, Ben Caldwell, Rico Renzi, Kelley Jones, and Michelle Madsen, and is out October 29th.



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"rub and smell" makes it sound even creepier than it is