Deal of the Day: Dude, You Got a $299 Dell

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Sheer madness. A $299 Dell with 17" monitor, limited warranty, standard graphics and motherboard. Nothing amazing, but maybe it would be nice as a second computer?

-Intel Celeron processor at 2.40GHz, Shared9 DDR SDRAM at 400MHz, 17" (16.0"vis) Monitor, 40GB5 Ultra/ATA 100 Hard Drive, Integrated Intel Extreme 3D Graphics, 90-Day Limited Warranty and At-Home Service

Dear Lord, How Does Dell Do It? [LastMinuteAuction]

UPDATE - Grover writes:

I just thought it was worth mentioning that tax and shipping and handling on the $299.00 Dell is around $125, making it far less of a deal than it seems at first. Pretty weak bait and switch if you ask me.