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The Denon Smart Life S-101 is sweet enough as your standard home theater system: couple of flat speakers, 100W subwoofer, and an adorably packaged progressive-scan DVD player. But the real cherry on the top here is that it plays super-nicely with your existing iPod. You connect it via its dock connector, which allows you to control your iPod from the remote and charges the iPod at the same time. It then — get this — displays a "virtual iPod" on the television screen that displays your songs and the iPod controls, and if you have photos stored on it, you can view them as well. It'll go for 850 (roughly 1537 USD) in the UK around September, though a higher-end S-301 will be out soon after. No idea if this will make it state-side.

Denon's "Made for iPod" home cinema system [T3]


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