Did Dollhouse Redefine Success For SF TV?

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Dollhouse's second season renewal surprised many in the television industry, but did it also change the way that executives view success for science fiction TV? Virtuality co-creator Michael Taylor thinks so - and hopes that his show will benefit.

Talking at Virtuality's lowkey press launch on Wednesday, Taylor admitted that Fox has never actually explained what it would take to turn the pilot into a series:

There's never been discussion of a threshold [of success]. I don't know if they know what the threshold is. The threshold for renewing Joss' show [Dollhouse] was ultimately pretty low and I think was out of respect for what he showed he can do and respect for sci-fi fans, let's face it. If we could do that well? If we could do better? If we could do as well as 'Battlestar' did, with a huge following behind it by its fourth season? That would be lovely. There are, however, no guarantees.


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