DISH ViP 622 HDTV DVR Reviewed (Verdict: Convergently Great)

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The TV junkies over at i4u reviewed the DISH Network HDTV DVR and found it a worthwhile purchase. The 250GB hard drive allows for 25 hours of HD programming or 180 hours of SD programming.

The unique feature of this box allows two rooms to watch TV through the device without having a separate receiver in the second room. How it works: connect the tuner in the first room, set the TV to a specific channel in the second room, and the tuner sends signals through your home's coax cable wire. The second room even gets its own remote so the two rooms don't need to be watching the same program. With this, you can watch one HD channel and record two separate standard definition channels.


The only downside is the cost. TiVo is much cheaper if you don't need the two-room functionality. An MCE machine with a separate MCE Extender may also be around the same price and offer extended functionality without the HD tuner capabilities. All in all, the feature set makes this DISH DVR worth the price.

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