Music festivals generate a lot of litter. Tons of it. Litterally. It's been a problem for ages, but Glad has come up with a clever design solution that solves at least part of the problem: a trashbag tent.

Your average concert-goer probably isn't going to be too stoked at the prospect of a free trashbag, so Glad sweetened the deal by making the gift a tent that doubles as one. Made from Glad's ForceFlex material, the tube-tents are sturdy enough to last for a day or two of camping at which point they can be crammed with trash on the way out of the park.

The concept is awesome in its simplicity, and according to a pilot run at SXSW 2013, it worked out great. But there are some questions worth asking. For instance, do you just litter until it's time to pack up and go, or do you sleep with your trash? And while it's great to stop litter, wouldn't it be better to try and and cut off trash generation at the source?


Still, a disposal tent seems mighty handy for the concert-camper, and the fact that it doubles as a trash receptacle instead of just more trash is an awesome twist on expectations. Who knew sleeping in a dumpster could seems so cool? [Co.Create via Inhabitat]

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