Illustration for article titled Dive-Bombing Hawks Force Florida Library-Goers to Cower Under Umbrellas

No less than six patrons of the Port Orange Library in Florida have been attacked by a pair of book-hating hawks over the past week. Now, the library is protecting its brave bibliophiles the only way it knows how—with umbrellas.


The (presumably illiterate) nesting duo are lashing out library-goers in an attempt to protect what appears to be three baby hawks. And since the hawks are a federally protected species, the nest is pretty much stuck right where it is, until the babies are old enough to venture out on their own.

Until then, the library is offering patrons umbrella-toting escorts in hopes of fending off the Philistine birds of prey.Let's hope it works—Florida's public libraries don't need another deterrent keeping readers away. [WTSP via AP]


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