These Prisons Sit Directly in Michael’s Path—And Florida Didn't Evacuate Them

The Florida Department of Corrections (DOC) has evacuated six of its facilities, amounting to about 850 prisoners, in wake of historic Hurricane Michael. However, 13 counties across Florida have mandatory evacuations in place. That leaves 15 other facilities in those counties that are still potentially in harm’s way.

Florida City Has Been Accidentally Sending Out Zombie Alert Messages Since Hurricane Irma

No one should ever screw around on a public alert system. But considering it’s been a bad year for warning systems—from the Hawaii false emergency alert accidentally informing the public of an incoming missile that didn’t exist to the National Weather Service’s false tsunami warning to the Department of Justice’s…

Florida Cops: Missing Hard Drives With Taxpayer Info Were Taken by Custodian to Download Xbox Games

Last month, several external hard drives with confidential state taxpayer information went missing from the Florida Department of Revenue. And this week, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement arrested the suspected culprit: 21-year-old Andru Reed, who allegedly took the hard drives home to download video games for…