Do Apple Employees Already Have iPads with iOS 6?

Everyone's been digging through their web analytics looking for clues about the next iPad. But the rush to sift out details about new bits of hardware may have turned up Apple's next mobile operating system. Ars Technica claims that iPads running iOS 6 have been visiting its page, and the IP addresses locate them in Cupertino.


The iOS 6-using visitors are on top of visits from devices with a 2048x1536 resolution, which is the same as the rumored HD display attached to the next iPad. That said, user agents are easily spoofed by simple plugins for a number of browsers, so proceed with caution. Whatever the case, we probably won't see iOS 6 until later in the year, but if Ars is right, it's already out there browsing the web, in glorious high definition. [Ars Technica via The Next Web]

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