Does Your iPad 2 Have Backlight Bleed? Blame LG

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If your iPad 2 is anything like mine, horrendous yellow spots start populating along the edges of the screen whenever something dark is displayed. As it turns out, a manufacturing defect in LG-produced LCD panels is to blame.


According to Digitimes, both Samsung and LG were manufacturing panels for the iPad 2 at launch, but once the defect popped up, LG was forced to halt production. LG acknowledged (and fixed) the defect, and will begin shipping panels again in the next fiscal quarter. And, if you've been holding off on returning your defective iPad, it might be safe to swap it out. [Digitimes via AppleInsider via TheNextWeb]


MAKE2 Mifune

No Apple, you shouldn't have to take any responsibility for lapses in quality control during any part of the manufacturing process. As long as people believe the marketing, they don't need to have any actual quality assurances, since swarms of apologists and blogs will help them sell more and shift the blame to others.

'It's LG's fault!'

'Nothing wrong with the design, you're just holding it wrong, silly!'

'The yellowing of your MBP display is a supplier problem, really!'

'MBP doesn't overheat, mine is just fine! If anything, it was probably just a bad paste job!'

'You should have bought Apple Care, sucker!'