Don't Even Start Considering You Have A Need For This 80-Port USB Board

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Let's pause for a moment and consider how many gadgets we insert into the couple USB ports on our computers each week. Around five? The mind boggles as to just what Thanko was thinking when they created the 80-port board.

The worst thing is, you can't even transfer data through the 80 ports—they merely charge whatever you stick in. This could potentially work in an office, with everyone sticking their phones in, but if you've just pulled out a tape measure and are trying to see if there's enough room in your lounge for one, don't even bother. Let me spell it out for you: T-H-I-S I-S O-N-E G-A-D-G-E-T Y-O-U D-O-N'T N-E-E-D.

But you know, if I really can't convince you to step away from the "add to cart" button, it's $208.68 at Geek Stuff 4 U. [Thanko via Geek Stuff 4 U via CrunchGear]