doPi Karaoke Adapter For the Video iPod

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The doPi iPod adapter let's you belt out Gloria Gaynor's most famous track anywhere you have an iPod. The doPi system lets you download songs from their servers in MP4 format to load onto your iPod, which then plays back the files with the lyrics appearing on the screen during the song. You know, Karaoke style. It's compatible with iTunes PC and Mac, so you're still syncing the files through your normal iTunes interface.

The doPi comes with the appropriate cables to hook up toy our ipod and Microphone. Despite this adapter being iPod dependent, it's actually not completely portable. You need to use the included AC adapter to plug in the doPi, so you're limited to places where there's an AC adapter. Dopey? Yes. Fun? Only if you really like Karaoke. And at $60, we'd recommend just getting a copy of Karaoke Revolution Party for your PlayStation 2.

A shot of the lyrics screen after the jump.

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