Dream Machines Brings Your Vehicular Fantasies to Life

Meet Shanon and Mark Parker of Parker Brothers Concepts, the auto fabrication group that's pushing the limits of automotive ingenuity. The car-building brothers have worked together for years at their shop in Melbourne, FL, designing and building custom motorcycles and cars inspired by the fantastic machines seen on TV and in film. Whether it's a speeder bike from a galaxy far, far away or the Batmobile, they believe that a little something like reality shouldn't stop people from driving Bizarro World vehicles normally reserved for superheroes. And tonight on the series premiere of Dream Machines on Syfy, you can watch the brothers on their mission to create unique and exciting vehicles that are out of this world.


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Shanon and Mark, with the help of their mechanical and design crew, will stop at nothing to create one-of-a-kind vehicles for their array of celebrity and collector clients. Like 50 Cent, for whom the guys will build a functioning Jet Car on tonight's season premiere.

In order to succeed, the whole team will need to contribute their specialized skills. Shanon is the Chief Designer and Fabricator of the group, coming up with concepts like those for a spider-like rover, street-legal speeder bikes, and other outrageous vehicles. As the Engineering and Fabrication Specialist, Mark bridges the gap between fantasy and reality, taking Shanon's designs and making them functional and highway-ready.

When he's done, the whole Parker Brothers team goes to work. Dean "Ball Peen" Cummings sources and acquires all the parts and tools that will be needed before the mechanics flash their wrenches, welding torches, and soldering irons. The behind-the-scenes gallery on the left will give you a glimpse at all of the moving parts which will have to come together to turn an idea into a stunning new machine.

To catch the Parker Brothers crew in action watch the series premiere of Dream Machines tonight at 10/9c—only on Syfy.