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The DVICO TViX HD M-5000U is a versatile device that can play back 1080i video (that's HDTV, people) either from a set-top box or personal digital recorder, or from its own internal hard drive. The 7-inch-tall cylinder-shaped network player has the unusual ability to store disk images of DVDs in .iso or .ifo format on its hard drive and then play them back as if the original DVD were still installed. While you play back that movie, you can also access all of the DVD's features as if the original DVD were still present. The M-5000U also connects to a network and plays back files from any of the PCs connected to it. And with its two USB 2.0 ports, storage capacity can be expanded with external USB drives, and it can play back files from a digital camera, flash card reader or any other USB device that's attached. Set to ship in Japan in March for $341, there was no word on how it handles HDCP copy protection or DRM, or whether it will be available in the US.

TViX HD M-5000U [Far East Gizmos]


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