EeeBot Android Robot Being Planned By ASUS, Will Take Over The World Like Its Eee Brethren

With the catchiness of the name EeeBot, I'm surprised it's taken us this long to hear whispers of an ASUS robot.

ASUS will be working alongside the Taiwanese government to help spread the word on the benefits of Android, which the EeeBot would run on. ASUS has already proved its worth when developing low-cost products in its Eee range, but the cost of the robot will be subsidized by selling other services, such as apps, for it.


The potential of this project is huge—ASUS is the perfect hardware manufacturer to get involved in this, and it'd help breed a real apps ecosystem around the robot, which would hopefully benefit the phone OS flavor of Android too. Human-robot interaction, voice control, movement and navigation are all expected of these EeeBots, but with any luck the head honchos at ASUS have actually watched Battlestar Galactica before so we won't find ourselves in a similar situation.

Don't start putting aside money just yet for one of these EeeBots, as ASUS has already said it will take at least two years just to get to the stage of trialling the Eeebots. That's around enough time to start scoping out other planets to live on, just in case. [PC World]

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