Ender's Game will be like the science fiction epic Stanley Kubrick never made!

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The long-awaited adaptation of Orson Scott Card's classic novel will feature epic zero-gravity battles that would make the man behind 2001: A Space Odyssey jealous. Plus producer Roberto Orci discusses just how the movie tackles the book's military themes.

Plus Ridley Scott drops a key detail for his Blade Runner sequel.

Star David Giuntoli reveals what's ahead on the next season of Grimm.

A Dollhouse star and Wolverine's arch-nemesis are headed to Mars.

Plus all the latest details on the CW's sci-fi and fantasy pilots!

Spoilers from here on out!

Top image from The Dark Knight Rises.

The Dark Knight Rises

Here's a new TV spot that ties in with the ongoing NBA playoffs. [Coming Soon]

Here are two promo posters that will be used for the movie's tie-in merchandise, as opposed to marketing the film itself, which might explain their rather unconventional look. [Trends International]


Blade Runner

Now that Ridley Scott's Blade Runner follow-up is officially a sequel and original screenwriter Hampton Fancher is on board to help develop the story, Scott felt ready to reveal this small but crucial bit of information:

I started my first meetings on the Blade Runner sequel last week. We have a very good take on it. And we'll definitely be featuring a female protagonist.

That pretty decisively rules out Harrison Ford starring again as Rick Deckard, although it doesn't preclude a cameo or supporting role. [The Daily Beast]

Ender's Game

Co-producer Roberto Orci discusses the visual influences of director Gavin Hood (who previously did X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but try not to hold that against him):

One thing I can tell you is that Gavin Hood is a gigantic Stanley Kubrick fan, and it shows. And yet, in some of the Zero G battles, things are going on that Kubrick never had a chance to tackle. The technology and advancements in film making available to us allowed us to realize a vision that is totally unique and modern while also being, as Harrison Ford calls it, one of the most emotional science fiction movies he has ever seen.


He also has some glowing praise for Hood's script:

This is the first movie with a pre-existing fan base I have worked on that I didn't write. This means I that got the chance to evaluate the material merely as a fan. Gavin's script made me jealous, but it was also a relief that he had satisfied what I would want as a fan from a difficult adaptation. Also, I have never worked with so many talented young actors who became friends so fast under such amazing circumstances.


[First Showing]

Here's some more from Orci:

The relationship between Colonel Graff (Harrison Ford) and Ender (Asa Butterfield) is key to the movie's success. Graff would love nothing more than to be Ender's friend, yet Graff can't always show it because he has to make it clear to Ender that in the event of another alien invasion, there will be no one available to help him. Their relationship is simultaneously heartbreaking and fun...Like the book, the movie Ender's Game is about young protagonists dealing with one of the most adult situations known to man: WAR. We don't soft peddle it, yet we don't shy away from the fun of being in space and learning amazing new skills that we would all want to learn at any age.


You can read the rest here. [/Film]

Last Days On Mars

X-Men Origins: Wolverine actor Liev Shreiber and Dollhouse's Olivia Williams will star in this sci-fi movie about the first mission to Mars, which — like 99% of movies about the first mission to Mars — ends in disaster. Here's the full description and cast listing:

LAST DAYS ON MARS centres on a group of astronauts on an exploratory mission to Mars who, on the eve of their return to Earth, discover colonies of bacteria living deep within the permafrost. But what should have been the discovery of the century rapidly turns to horror when one of the astronauts has a fatal accident. With just hours to go until the relief crew arrive, the group is faced with a desperate struggle to contain the infection and survive.

Principal photography has begun on LAST DAYS ON MARS starring Liev Schreiber (Salt, X-Men Origins: Wolverine) alongside Olivia Williams (The Ghost Writer, An Education), Romola Garai (One Day, Atonement), Elias Koteas (Shutter Island, Crash), Tom Cullen (Weekend), Goran Kostic (In the Land of Blood and Honey, Taken) and Johnny Harris (Snow White and the Huntsman, This is England 86). Filming will take place in Jordan and at Elstree Studios in the UK. Universal Pictures will release the film in the UK while Focus Features International is handling sales and distribution for all other territories and is currently selling the film at the Cannes market.




Here's a sneak peek clip in which the movie's hero Merida and her father the King talk about the terrifying mythical bear that is almost certainly going to show up sooner or later. Chekhov's terrifying mystical bear, if you will. [Coming Soon]

True Blood

Here are some set photos from the filming of season five. [SpoilerTV]


Here's a promo for what is sadly this week's series finale, which at least means the show bows out on a great title like "Turtles All The Way Down." You can also check out a sneak peek here.


Star David Giuntoli talks about season two:

"In Season 1, we were just focusing on the procedural; we had a good time being Law & Order: Special Fairytales Unit. [Laughs] I think in Season 2, we're going to have more of a macro exploration of the powers that be, governments and the world order buried underneath that nobody knows about - except for those in power."


[TV Line]

He has more to say elsewhere:

"I think inevitably Nick is going to have to summon some rag-tag type of army - Monroe, maybe a Grimm here or there. I would be really interested in meeting another Grimm. [Next season] know we're going to be finding out more about the wars and the bigger forces at work. I think this season we really dealt with Nick's individual journey, specific cases of these creatures. Going forward, we're going to see a more macro-world order, and figure out Capt. Renard (Sasha Roiz) and what the hell he is. I think we'll be discovering that."



Here are two casting calls for the first episode of season two, which will begin unusually early for a network show by premiering in August:

[MARNASSIER] 40s, very muscular and imposing man, he morphs into a Mauvais Dentes, a saber-toothed killing machine who is virtually unstoppable, and always deadly. GUEST STAR, Recurring (Actor must be available for o/a 6/11-20 as well as the dates for this episode)

[ERIC RENARD] 40s, sophisticated, handsome European man in good shape. The brother of Captain Renard. GUEST STAR, Recurring (Actor must be available for o/a 6/11-20 as well as the dates for this episode)


[IMDB Forums]


Here's a promo for the two-hour finale airing May 31, "Gyre Parts 1 & 2."


Jensen Ackles reveals his expanded role for the eighth season premiere:

"We don't get a very long break — it's about two and a half months," Ackles explained. "I actually have to go back early because I'm going to direct the first episode [of Supernatural]. My break is even a littler shorter, but we try to make the most of it. It's not optimal, but as I always say, it's a good problem to have!"


[Us Weekly]

Falling Skies

Here's a short synopsis for episode six of the second season of TNT's alien invasion drama:

Hal finds bodies of de-harnessed children and someone from his past; Tom and Anne grow closer; Weaver's health begins to deteriorate; Tom discovers that Weaver may have been keeping secrets.




Southland actor Dorian Missick has reportedly joined the Syfy show as Tommy Bowen, described as "a no-nonsense Boston detective whose investigation of a serial killer brings him to the strange town." Harold and Kumar actress Kate Kelton has also reportedly been cast as a "'spirited' waitress at The Gun & Rose Diner and an influential member of an organization for troubled people." The "spirited" descriptor might have multiple meanings. [TV Line]


The Vampire Diaries

Aunt Bonnie actress Kat Graham discusses her character's reaction to Elena's likely vampiric transformation:

"I'm really interested to see Bonnie's reaction to Elena becoming a vampire. I don't imagine her taking it too well. She's kind of cleaning up a lot of mess and making a lot of decisions she didn't necessarily plan on making. I don't know how that's going to factor into how she deals and feels about Elena."


[E! Online]


Star Stephen Amell reveals that the show's name is also that of the character, rather than the full Green Arrow:

"He's actually called ‘the hood guy' a couples times in the pilot. But for now he's just Arrow."


And Smallville Green Arrow actor Justin Hartley contrasts the two CW incarnations of the character:

"People will realize within five minutes of watching the [Arrow] pilot that other than in name, the characters don't have anything in common...They're both in DC universes, but those universes are very, very different. [Arrow is] sort of like Chris Nolan's DC universe, where nobody has superpowers, while in Smallville a lot of people had powers. That's a fundamental difference."


[TV Line]

And here's a pair of trailers.

Beauty and the Beast

Here's the first promo for the CW's update of the 1980s show that starred Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman. This new incarnation stars Smallville's Kristin Kreuk.

Here's another, shorter promo.[KSiteTV]

And here's a lengthy synopsis of the show:

Earlier, Catherine witnessed the murder of her mother at the hands of two gunmen. Catherine would have been killed too, but someone – or something – saved her. No one has ever believed her, but she knows it wasn't an animal that attacked the assassins…it was human. Years have passed, and Catherine is a strong, confident, capable police officer, working alongside her equally talented partner, Tess. While investigating a murder, Catherine discovers a clue that leads her to a handsome doctor named Vincent Keller, who was reportedly killed by enemy fire while serving in Afghanistan in 2002. Catherine learns that Vincent is actually still alive and that it was he who saved her many years before. For mysterious reasons that have forced him to live outside of traditional society, Vincent has been in hiding for the past 10 years to guard his secret – when he is enraged, he becomes a terrifying beast, unable to control his super-strength and heightened senses. Catherine agrees to protect his identity in return for any insight he may have into her mother's murder. Thus begins a complex relationship between Catherine and Vincent, who are powerfully drawn to each other yet understand that their connection is extremely dangerous for both of them.


You can also check out a full cast list at the link. [TV Equals]

Tron: Uprising

Here are some interview videos with stars Elijah Wood, Tricia Helfer, and Emmanuelle Chriqui for Disney XD's animated Tron tie-in.



Here's a promo poster for the new Canadian time travel show starring Conan the Barbarian star Rachel Nichols. [SpoilerTV]

Teen Wolf

On the off chance you're into this sort of thing, you can check out the first ten minutes of season two at the link. [MTV]


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