Envelope Mailbox: You've Got Mail

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There's something charming about attaching computer icons to physical objects, and when you etch that graphic onto a bit of frosted glass over stainless steel, you end up with an Envelope Mailbox that qualifies as an irresistible piece of geek chic.

Now if you could just find a mail carrier that will bring your mail all the way up to your house rather than dropping it into a mailbox that's a half-mile away, this 15.5" mailbox would make a whole lot of sense. If you're so lucky to be able to use such a thing, it's $68.

Product Page [Chaisso, via Uncrate]

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JAG42, I assume the top part flips open for the mailman, likely

revealing a slit or something, so it's easy to insert mail but very

difficult to remove - just guessing.

As for the design, I now need a house if only so that I can buy one of these for it.