Epson PowerLite Cinema 400 Projector: LCD-Driven, and HD Ready

The Epson PowerLite Cinema 400 Projector is a follow up to last year's PowerLite Cinema 550. Comparatively, this new model is priced at $1599.99 ($900 dollars less), with 1500 lumens (vs 1400), and the same 720p resolution. It's nice to see HD projectors dropping in price—in five years time, we'll see them in cracker jack boxes. Like other LCD projectors, this one will likely suffer from shallower blacks than a competing DLP model that uses little mirrors to reflect light from a color wheel. Which is why it uses a dynamic iris to adjust lamp intensity, scene to scene. That's also how it achieves its fakey contrast ratio rating of 5000:1. Has the usual video inputs, but surprises us with an HDMI plug, too. I'd hook my Xbox 360 up to this. Project Gotham is still a fav, and this machine can put a 10-foot image across a wall at 12-feet away.

Epson PowerLite Cinema 400 Projector [Epson]


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