Essential Wall Dimmer Video Hands On, Soft as a Baby's Butt

When we first told you about the Essential Wall Dimmer from International Fashion Machines, we were wondering if its carpet-like conductive switch felt like a Brillo pad. The company sent us a demo unit, and we can now definitively tell you that it feels soft as silk, just like a fine piece of carpet. The $99 switch works well, and is extremely easy to turn on and off. We only noticed one slight downside to these pretty wall switches.

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The only drawback we saw was the inability to have two or three of these switches together in a dual-gang or triple-gang arrangement, a common configuration around here. Some of us wished the conductive-fabric switching part was available in more than just that gray color, but the rest of us thought the whole concept was way cool. Big thumbs up! [International Fashion Machines]


Very Cool... In addition to the fashion, this looks like it has some practical benefits, too.

When I bought our dimmer switches at Home Depot, they had 4-5 different kinds on demo, and every demo unit was broken except for one. I bought the one that was still working (a tiny button and slider, all smaller than a paper clip) but suspect this would be more durable.

Is the surround fabric, too? Would it get dirty with time? Would pantsing this cause electrocution?