Esther Inglis-Arkell Bio

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Esther Inglis-Arkell is a senior reporter at io9, writing science pieces and occasional rants about how movies should be more to her taste.

Currently Esther lives in a cave in the foggiest part of San Francisco, where she spends her days writing and snarling at stray shafts of sunlight. She grew up in suburban California, and has since moved about 20 miles north, to urban California. In between, she made a four-year stopover in New Hampshire so she could pick up a bachelor’s degree in physics and earn the right to scoff at all the transplanted east coasters who tell her she doesn’t know what truly cold winters are like.

Her main goal in life is to write everything, from epigram to epic, movie to manifesto, and to that end she tosses her writing at the internet like a nintendo level boss tosses fireballs. Outside of io9, she writes about comics at Comics Alliance and at She’s also the nonfiction editor for both Fantasy and Lightspeed magazine, where she matches science with science fiction, and wrangles people with doctorates into writing about cyborg uprisings.